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BRU'S NEWS and Canine Ear Candling

ORIGINALLY POSTED:  Friday, June 05, 2009 

First and foremost I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who commented, messaged, called or thought of my little family over the last week, this has been an incredibly trying and emotionally exhausting situation, but hearing from everyone really made a big difference, helped me deal with it a little better, which obviously made things easier for her, so thank you all, your kindness will not be forgotten. All our love to each of you. :-)

So....On to the update! Yesterday was the 6th day Bruti refused food, and after managing to keep the water she was drinking down since Sunday, she started throwing up again. After speaking to the puppy doctor on the phone, I made the decision to wait to go back to the hospital, because she was still drinking, and more than she had been the previous days, she was keeping most of it down, and she seemed stronger and happier. However, I decided to candle her ears, something I had been planning to do when she became sick because she had a bit of an ear infection and that's what we do when Bru's ears start bothering her. It's a great alternative to pharmaceuticals, it works amazingly well, and immediately. But when she got sick, I decided to wait, since she was so weak and sleeping all the time, I didn't want to disturb her rest, she needed it to heal. But last night, she was feeling noticeably better, so it seemed a good time to candle.

Now, a personal opinion I have about ear candling....Not only is it an amazing thing for the ears and sinuses, as it draws out everything that's in there....It does wonders for the recipient as a whole. Without going into my personal analysis of why ear candling is such an incredibly healing and good thing for someone to do for their entire body, let me just say that, from my own personal experience, the experience I've gained from candling others and their reactions to it, and of course, the experience I've gotten from candling my dogs and the noticeable benefits they have from it, it's definitely a great thing to do for yourself. Bru, for example, has always suffered from ear infections, and she's gotten so use to them that she doesn't show any of the usual symptoms until the infection is REALLY bad. When she was little she had to have special ear drops and take days of meds from the vet when she would get an infection, until I decided that we weren't going to take pharms anymore unless it is absolutely necessary. So I decided to try candling when the need would arise, and amazingly, even with her worst infections, 1 session clears it up completely, and she's good to go for months. No drops, no meds, no vet. Just a set of good candles and an hour out of your day, tops. Not to mention that she LOVES it, she totally relaxes and just let's me do my thing. Imagine a dog with a long flaming cone sticking out of her ear, just laying there, not a care in the world...

Anyways, my friend John was visiting, checking in on Bruti and I, and agreed to sit in so I could do it, I never candle alone, LoL....Flames....Hair....Yeah. You never know, better safe than sorry I believe. Before I started, I told him that I had a feeling that after candling, she would be way better this morning...So we started the process. And while I candled her ears, I focused on her energy, my energy, and helping her heal, envisioned my hands transferring good, loving, healthy energy into Bruti's body as I rubbed her, and thought deeply of our love and my desire for her to recover. About how much she means to me and how much I need her. I gave her all my attention, all my love, all of me. And guess what? Today, there's another new believer in energy healing, my friend John, who saw her yesterday and was witness to what I did last night, is amazed by her condition today...It's as though Bruti was never sick. She's running, jumping, barking, (I haven't heard her sweet voice in a week!) EATING, met me at the door earlier, in fact, she beat me there! You'd never know that she'd been unwell, if she hadn't lost so much weight. Can you believe it?! Amazing, huh? :D

It's no doubt that the power of our love and energy and the effect it can have is incredible. That's why I say "Love what you've got today, because yesterday's gone..And tomorrow may never come. Love truly, love deeply, love fiercely & boundlessly, but most of all, love consciously & outwardly. Do it NOW." Just imagine, think of what the world may be if we all did this just a little more....Then throw in some ear candles and who KNOWS what might be possible, LoL!

All our love......<3


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